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Playground Program, Summer 2021

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Want your child to enjoy the summer time outside?  Come and romp with other friends in Playground Program here at Peterborough Recreation Department's Adams Playground!!  The Playground Program offers girls and boys (entering 1st through 6th grade in the fall) a wide variety of enjoyable and challenging summer opportunities. Between enjoying nature, playing outdoor games, participating in arts and craft activities and probable pool time*, there are plenty of opportunities to keep the kids cool during the hot summer months. 

New: For 2021 during this COVID-19 recovery time, we are offering two (2), 4 week sessions instead of the full summer of 8 weeks.  If you want, you may sign up for both sessions. We are doing this to accommodate scheduling as we are currently unable to provide the usual weekly sign-up option. Our inability to accommodate weekly sign-ups may change as we get closer or progress through the summer. Please also sign up for appropriate pool passes for your registered times. 

In 2021, one must also register separately for a pool pass* - IN THIS PROGRAM SECTION (see below) for each session your child plans to participate in.

Current COVID-19 Guidelines:
1)  Parental screening of your child(ren) is recommended before attending the program. Your child will be screened and a temp taken as you sign-in your child(ren).  If they are not cleared, they will have to be taken home and not come back until the COVID guidelines are attained.

2)  Drop off and pick up will be staggered. The program is based upon 8 hrs/day. We know some folks need an extended day. One of the registration questions {that you will be asked when registering your child(ren)} will be if you do indeed need more than 8 hours and what times those would be (between 7:30am and 5:30pm). While we may not be able to accommodate 100%, it will provide us with a good base line as far as who needs what. The other participants will be assigned times to drop off and pick up their child(ren). For anyone who needs their child(ren) in the program for over 8 hrs - there will be an additional fee that will be assessed at the end of each week.

3)  Lunches, snacks and two full water bottles are mandatory to bring every day your child attends. Per the current guidelines, we cannot provide the usual common water jug for re-fills.  Individual, small hand sanitizer bottles are also necessary for your child to bring.

4)  All personal property must be labeled and there will be assigned places to put your individual things. 

5)  MASKS - your child will need to bring a mask for those times they are either indoors or to wear during the times where 6 ft of social distancing cannot be maintained. There are few exceptions. When checking in, masks must be worn by parents and participants.

6)  Once a counselor's group has been determined, we will not be mixing the groups per CDC guidelines.

7)  The PRD will be following the COVID-19 Guidelines that can change at any point so flexibility is important.

If your child would like to meet the counselors before the program begins, we would like to have a Meet and Greet but that will all depend upon weather. We will be determining a date, time and location as we get closer to the start of the program.

Registrants are free to register for both sessions.

*The guidelines have not been updated recently for pools. We are hoping to open the pool but we feel there will be limitations. Because of the uncertainty this year, we are asking folks to register for a pool pass during the session(s) you are registering for instead of going through the usual membership process. Pool passes are still mandatory for the Playground Program and we will refund if necessary. Right now, we are planning on setting up a pool time block for playground program participants.

Who:      Kids entering 1st through 6th grade
When:    Session I, June 21st through July 16th (a half day on that Friday)
                     No program on July 5th.
               Session II, July 19th through August 13th (a half day on that Friday)
Where:   Adams Playground
Cost:      Program      $277/session/resident
              Pool for Playground Participants
              Extended Day  $203/session/resident
Families carrying a balance of $75 or greater must establish a payment contract with the PRD before the program begins.  Please call us at 924-8080.  Payments must be completed by the end of the program.  

General Information
  • Coordinator: PRD Staff
  • As many returning participants will attest, this program is fun and well supervised, while providing a wide variety of stimulating activities.
  • All registrants will be receiving a parent handbook in early June which will include general information, COVID-19 guidelines and necessary forms and packing list for program participants.
  • Outstanding balances are expected to be paid in full the Friday prior to the beginning of the program.
  • If full payment is an issue, please talk to the office staff about setting up a payment contract.
  • Families carrying a balance of $75 or greater must establish a signed payment plan with the PRD.
  • Due to continuing payments collection issues, we will require payment of individual program components prior to the beginning of the that program.
  • We ask Peterborough residents who feel they may be eligible for a scholarship to submit your application request by May 14th.
  • Previous years’ balances - for all programs - must be paid before registering for the 2021 Playground Program can even be considered.
  • At this time, time drop off/pick-ups need to be followed per the current COVID guidelines.
  • Last Friday of the sessions are a half day.

Additional Forms and Files:
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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