Peterborough, NH (USA) Recreation Department
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Peterborough Recreation Committee

The Peterborough Recreation Committee (PRC) meets on the first Wednesday of the Month at 7:00pm, in the meeting room adjoining the Recreation office, 64 Union St.  This is a public meeting.  


A)  To help provide high quality recreation opportunities for all Peterborough residents

B) To foster community awareness regarding the role that recreation plays in the overall quality of life. The Peterborough Recreation Committee is a link between the Recreation Department and the community.  Peterborough Recreation Committee members are advocates for recreation

C)  To protect, preserve, use and develop the town’s recreation resources

D)  To evaluate the need for private or public property for the purpose of creating, enlarging, and improving public parks, recreation areas and facilities for Peterborough residents.

Bill Taylor is the Select Board's Liaison.

Staff Details


Andrew Osterman


Michelle Rourke


Roxanne Loudin


Zoe Wroten-Heinzmann


Kate Coon

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