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Swimming Lessons 20220 Information: Overview of Each Level

This page has general information about 2022 swim lessons and an overview of each level.

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* All swimming lessons will be held at Adams Pool, 71 Union St.

* Each session is one week long, held 5 days a week, with no make-up days if thunder forces a cancellation. We have kept the price at what we would have charged for 4 days in past years.

* If you are not feeling well, please stay home.
Progressive order of swimming lessons:
Tiny Tots
Learning Basics
Building Skills
Advanced Swimmer
                                                  Descriptions of each level

  •  Tiny Tots does not have an age requirement, it can be for wee little ones or older who still have separation anxiety and would be better off with additional support in the water.  The only pre-requisite is that the child is able to hold their head up above the water. A caretaker needs to go into the water with the child for each lesson. Purpose:  This class is primarily offered to introduce the child to the water, to become a little more comfortable with the water through games, songs, and activities in the water. The class will include instruction on supports, holding, and guiding techniques to aid in increasing child’s comfort that the caregiver can use outside of the class.                    

  • Pre-Swimmers is for any age, but we expect many of the registrants to be younger. The big difference between Pre-Swimmer and Tiny Tots is the absence of a caretaker in the water with the child. This is the first step of a participant in being in the water independently. These registrants will be learning in the shallow end of the pool.  Pre-requisites are being able to blow bubbles, confidently submerge mouth in water and can jump on land. A support person for the participant is not expected in this classIf the child has separation anxiety from a guardian, please consider enrolling in the Tiny Tots class.
      This class is primarily offered to build confidence in the water, entering and exiting the water voluntarily and moving independently. Some water safety will be taught at every level.  The participant is in the lesson without a care giver.  

  • Learning Basics is for any age but geared towards PK/Kindergarten and early elementary school age children. Class offerings are broken down into three choices....for a younger group, older group and all ages. Some prerequisites are a desire to float and learn how to swim. This participant is comfortable putting their face in the water but is just starting learning how to move through the water.  This class is also good for the child who is under 3 feet tall or cannot hold onto the wall independently as life jackets will be more available for this program than for the Building Skills program. Purpose:  The goals of this class to reinforce the desire to be comfortable in the water and learn some introductory propulsion moves.  Safety is taught, at group appropriate levels, in every class.

  • Building Skills (youngeris for any age, but we expect many of the registrants to be younger.  If you have an older child at this skill level, please consider the Building Skills (older) because we scheduled this for the older swimmers in mind. If your child is tall, they may sign up for this regardless of age but please know that these lessons are taught near the middle of the pool where it is a bit deeper. We also are offering the choice that does not delineate by age. Some prerequisites are: ability to put one's face in the water, float 7 to 10 seconds, move above and below the water.  The depth of the shallow end of the pool, where this Beginner Skills (younger) group will be taught, is about 3 feet so we request that the participant be at least three feet tall or be able to hold onto the side of the pool independently. If not, consider enrolling your child in Learning Basics as many of these kids will have access to life jackets.
    Purpose: This class is primarily offered to build swimming skills, learning to swim on one's front and back, work on breathing patterns.  Some water safety will be taught at every level.  The participant is in the lesson without a care giver.  

  • Advanced Swimmer Pre-requisites: knowledge and ability to perform basic strokes, crawl, breaststroke and backstroke.  Possess a breathing pattern when swimming.
    Purpose:  This class is primarily offered to continue in the refinement/improvement of building swimming skills/techniques while increasing endurance. Working on rotary breathing, breaststroke and elementary backstroke. Some water safety will be taught at every level.